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China Resources University

On 17 June 2012 saw the official establishment of China Resources University and the eight professional institutes of CR Vanguard, CR Snow Beer, CR Power, CR Land, CR Cement, CR Gas, CR Healthcare, and CR Capital. China Resources University serves as a learning and development platform for the communication of CR’s corporate culture, sharing and practising, developing innovative ideas. It is an incubator of CR employee growth and, by providing talent support, it aids the group in fulfilling its strategic objectives under the 12th Five-Year Plan and becoming a world-class enterprise.

China Resources University has developed and set up 18 courses under four series - “CR Culture, Leadership, Business Approach, and Management Approach”, and has completed the development and delivery of numerous internal case studies. As of today, “The CR Way – Outstanding Manager Training Program” has been successfully held five times, with a total of 697 participants.

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