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1. How to access the website of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.?

Please enter the domain name in the address bar:“http://www.crc.com.hk or http://www.crc.com.cn”.

For ease of use, it is recommended to set our site as homepage or favorite.

2. What kind of browser and interface resolution should be set to browse the pages?

It is recommends to use IE 6.0 and above browser of 1024 × 768 resolution.

3.How to retrieve the information in the website content?

Enter keywords in the search box at the upper right corner of the webpage and click button "go". It’s OK.

4.How can I save a page?

Click on "Save As" in "File" menu to save the file types according to the demand.

5.How to collect the current page?

What you need do is to click the bottom in "Favorites - Add to Favorites" in the web browser, meanwhile you can modify the saved name of the web page and click "OK." The site provides collection services. Click the button "Favorite" on the top of each page to save the page you are browsing in “Favorites” of the browser.

6.How to print the text of the news content?

The pages "News in detail” provides text-print service. You can click the button "Print" at the bottom right of the page and print news text content.

7.How to subscribe the site news updates?

The site offers RSS subscription feature to help you understand the real-time updates of the China Resources Group website. At the top of each page, you can select the "RSS Subscribe" button on demand and enter the relevant page.

8.How to adjust the size of the font when browsing the web?

The pages "News in detail” provides different font size while browsing. You can click on the text title on the page below the title "Font: [big] [Medium] [small]" to adjust the size of the font to browse.

9.How to handle garbled codes appears on the page when browsing?

When the garbled codes appear on the web pages, you can check settings “encoding” at the browser and make sure to select "UTF-8".

10.How to contact us?

If you encountered any problem while browsing the site, please open the "Technical Support" page at the bottom right of the page, and send mail to the site support services: websupport@crc.com.hk”.

Suggest your feedback to us if you have any comments and suggestions on this site.

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